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 Imagine a digital space that attracts, engages, and converts, giving you the freedom to do your actual work while your website handles the rest. It's not just about our services; it's about fulfilling your aspirations for a seamless, thriving online experience for your clients. Turning your online dreams into reality, providing you with a powerful tool to bring your business to the next level.

i am the right designer
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you are ready for a website that not only makes you feel proud and represented but also helps you boosts your revenue (it works 24/7 for you).

you want to be positioned as a leader in your industry, attracting clients that really want to work with you or buy your products.

you are at a pivotal point in your business and your current brand and website are holding you back and needs an upgrade.

you have no time to waste and loves a streamlined and stress free process, that is clear and empowering.

For aesthetics-loving freelancers, creative service providers and passionate entrepreneurs.



If you're considering starting small, unsure about your positioning, or still don´t have sufficient content for your website, then a Onepager might be the perfect solution for you! This flexible format allows for easy expansion, ensuring your site can grow alongside your needs. Can be done custom or using one of my existing templates.

This is Perfect!




Brand & Website Questionnaire

60 min strategy call 

Logo wordmark, custom font & color palette

Onepager / Homepage / Landingpage 

Website buildout & strategy

Legal Page (without legal texts)

Basic SEO

Mobile optimization

60 min Showit training post launch

Help with domain transfer

14 days email support after launch

Beta Offer:


- See Add Ons Available: Link in Bio Page - Coming Soon Page - 

Turnaround: 1 - 2 weeks

1 month of Showit Free

Notion Project Dashboard

Add Ons: Link in Bio & Coming Soon Pages

Want to give your Onepager a bit more glam? You´ll never need another link in bio  in your life! Coming soon pages are also great to built anticipation, get people excited and even grow your newsletter email list. These can be added to your package upon request. 


€100 per page

Whenever you are ready to grow your website by adding more pages, you can book VIP days with me and I will design and add the new pages to your website! 

VIP days Investment: 

starting at €200 per page


Week Website

Your brand new website ready to launch in 7 days flat! Here I will create the essential brand assets and customize a template of your choice to make it completly unique to you and your brand! This service is perfect for entrepreneurs that have no time to DIY their websites and still want a professionally designed website, like, yesterday!

I need this!




- See Payment Plans Available - Add Ons Available: Link in Bio Page - Coming Soon Page - 

Beta Offer:


Brand & Website Questionnaire

60 min strategy call 

Logo Wordmark

Showit website template customization (up to 5 pages)

Legal Page (without legal texts)

Basic SEO

Mobile optimization

60 min Showit training post launch

Help with domain transfer

14 days email support after launch

Custom font & color palette

1 month of Showit Free

Notion Project Dashboard

A website template of your choice

Add On Pages & Link in Bio

Want to add more pages to your website template?  Maybe you need a sales page, podcast, blog, course, shop or anything else relevant to your business? No problem! Please understand that adding pages will affect the turnaround time. Oh, and you´ll never need another link in bio  in your life! These can be added to your package upon request.


starting at €200 per page

payment plans available: 2 monthly payments 

Get the full custom design experience and transformation. In this service we go deep into your business vision, develop your branding, and design a completely custom online home for your business. One that is authentic, intentional and strategic! Get a website that is functional, beautiful and the most powerful asset for your business growth. 

Yes! Exactly what I need




Brand & Website Questionnaire

90 min strategy call 

Logo Wordmark Set

Coming soon page, Homepage + 5 pages included

Website buildout & strategy

2 Legal Pages of your choice (without legal texts)

Basic SEO

Mobile optimization

60 min Showit training post launch

Help with domain transfer

14 days email support after launch

Beta Offer:


- See Payment Plans Available - Add Ons Available - Link in Bio Page - 



Custom font & color palette

Turnaround: 4 weeks

1 month of Showit Free

Notion Project Dashboard

Add On Pages & Link in Bio

Want to add more pages to your custom site? Maybe you need a sales page, podcast, course, shop or anything else relevant to your business? No problem! Please understand that adding pages will affect the turnaround time. Oh, and you´ll never need another link in bio in your life! These can be added to your package upon request.


starting at €200 per page


Before we book we your project we want ensure we are a good match and the expectations on both sides are clear! So you can apply here and I will get back to you in 48 hours with more details. After that we will schedule a zoom call and chat about your business, goals and expectations working with me. I will then send you the possible start dates and once you accept, I will send you your Notion project dashboard, contract to sign and first invoice. Now it is official! Yay!

1. Aplication and connection call

Before our start date, you’ll fill in a brand and web design questionnaire in your Notion dashboard, create a Pinterest board for inspiration and organize your photos and copy for the website. This is a very important step, because I will not be able to start your project without this information. All of this is due 3 days before your start date! If you have any questions at this point, we can chat inside your dashboard or we can hop on a quick call!


The most fun part starts here! We´ll work on your branding (custom color and font palettes plus a logo wordmark set). I will create two different brand sets for you to choose from (disclaimer: I use Canva to create my wordmark logos).  This will then be applied to your website design on Showit. I will create the Homepage draft and send to you, after aproval and changes you might request, I will move to the internal pages. If we are customizing a website template, the process will be similar, just a lot quicker.
*If you already have your brand assets in place,  we will move directly to the website design. 
* We can also rebrand your business if you would like.


After all pages are ready to go, I will send you the website preview for reviews and approval. I offer 2 rounds of revisions per phase before delivering the final version.  This also a very important step to ensure we stay on our project timeline and you are completely happy with the results! 


I'll handle tasks like connecting your domain and setting up the blog if required. We'll then transfer the website to your showit account, and I'll provide you with all your brand files. Once your domain is connected and SSL certificates are set up, we'll be all set to launch your new brand and website. As part of the launch, you'll receive free Canva graphics to share your fresh look online!
* After launching your new baby, we´ll jump on a call and I will walk you through your website and the Showit backend, so you learn the basics to update your website independently!


The process

why so special?

You, showit & Atelier jouan, the perfect match

code free website

Don’t speak code? No problem. My templates are easy for even the least techy people to understand.

strategic design

Websites designed with strategy in mind. Built to professionally showcase your business and convert.

all the support you need

I really care about you and your business. If you need help or get stuck somewhere, I´m here for you.

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Lauren Elyas

Carla implemented my vision better than I could have possibly imagined. I am over the moon with my final website, the look and feel is just perfect! I would recommend Carla without a second's hesitation; she is extremely professional, while being friendly and approachable at the same time. Thank you Carla!

I am over the moon! 

You made my life so so easier with this template. My current website was in desperate need of some new design but doing it from scratch was time consuming idea. I am very happy I got this template and revamped my whole website in just few hours!

She hit all the right spots!

Carla is incredible! Very patient and provided me with amazing work each time. Highly recommended!

she's the best of the best.

I ordered a customized social media template bundle from Carla based on my branding. What she created was beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to use them. She was very quick to deliver, friendly, and professional. Highly recommend.

i got
exactly what i

Carla is the design wizard I’ve been needing all these years. I’m so grateful to her for her creative eye and ability to understand my business and what i was looking to achieve. I’m so grateful!

She nailed it!

Client Websites - Passion Projects - Website Templates

Work Showcase


being a burnt-out and overworked mom. I knew I could do better and was meant for more. After being an entrepreneur on the side for 3 years, my desire to run this business full-time was too big to ignore. 

So Atelier Jouan was born from it. And if you are here, you probably already had this key moment too (or you are working towards it), when you decided to go for it and create your dream life, do something you love, help others, have more freedom, be financially stable, or spend more time with your kids instead of in a boring office. 

While I do not believe in overnight success, I believe in steady growth. I know how it is to have to do it all, and feel lost and overwhelmed. So I'm here to cheer you on and give you one of the most important assets for your business growth: a killer website, beautiful, aligned, strategic, and high-converting that will simplify your life, and make you feel proud and confident.

Its time to focus on the things that are your expertise and you love doing, while your website does the heavy lifting and propels your business forward!


Let´s work together!

The website builder Showit is primarily aimed at photographers and creative service providers – but I would argue that Showit is suitable for many other professional groups as well, such as coaches, fitness trainers, copywriters, interior designers, restaurants, wedding planners, and many more! With the drag and drop website builder, there are (almost) no limits. You can intuitively design your website and move all elements exactly where you want them. If you're familiar with Canva: Showit is like Canva but for websites. You don't need any programming knowledge and you don't have to be a tech nerd either. While you can further customize your website with simple HTML and CSS codes, it's not mandatory!

What is Showit?

The costs vary depending on the scope of the project. I believe that there's no one-size-fits-all package, so I create a personalized offer for you after the initial consultation. The investment for a standard custom website starts at €2800 and for a Onepager / Landingpage  €700 . 

Additionally, there are annual costs for hosting and domain. Roughly, the ongoing expenses amount to approximately €20 - €40 per month, depending on the hosting package and additional services you require.

How much does a Showit website cost?

Yes, it's possible to pay in installments. By default, a  non refundable 50% deposit is required to reserve the project timeline, and the remaining 50% is due before delivery. Depending on the scope and investment, I can also offer you payment plans of 3, or4 installments. Just bring it up during the initial consultation, or at the latest when you receive your personalized quote from me.

Do you offer payment plans?

It's important that you have clarity about where you want to take your business. That you have defined your positioning and are clear about what you want to offer.
It is also important to know if you want to have your branding done (or changed if you already have a branding you do not feel aligned with)  with me.
Branding is included  in all of my packages and it includes: custom color and font palette, & a logo wordmark set. But I can also use your branding if you already have it.
 Everything else, we'll work on together during the strategy session at the beginning of the project.

What do I need to know before starting the project?

Yes, it is! There are seo settings available on every page of the website builder. 
And each of my Showit websites receives a basic search engine optimization.
The basic SEO package includes:
Implementation of On-Page Optimization 
Image optimization
Text tags
Meta descriptions
Internal linking
Page loading speed

Is Showit SEO friendly?

Yes. All my websites are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Showit platform, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility. As part of your Showit subscription, you have the added benefit of including a WordPress blog within your account, allowing for easy content management and expansion (blogs). Additionally, for those looking to venture into e-commerce, you can enhance your website by incorporating Shopify or ThriveCart buy buttons, providing your customers with a streamlined purchasing experience. Whether you're showcasing your portfolio, sharing valuable content, or selling products online, my websites offer the versatility and functionality to meet your unique business needs.

Can the website only be used with Showit?

Yes, certainly. After your website is completed, you'll receive a personalized tutorial to help you manage it independently. Showit also offers an excellent learning library and customer support for any further assistance you may need. You'll have full control over your website, with resources and support available every step of the way.

Can I edit and update my website myself afterwards?

Usually no, I don´t. I specialize in designing on the Showit platform, but if you need me to work on your Wix website, contact me and we can talk about your project and if I can help you!

Do you design on other platforms?

No, i don´t. Even tough I will help you with your text if i feel like you need it and will improve the functionality of your website, I am not a professional copywriter. 
When we start working together,  for all of my packages you will need to provide me with your copy, and images. I will,  of course,  guide you with what type of copy you need to put together! No worries!
But I always advise my clients to work with a professional copywriter if possible. 

Do you offer copywriting services?

If you've bought a website or template from another Showit shop / designer and want to collaborate with me, I'm excited to work together! First, I'll need to review the website/ template to see if it fits my design style. If it does, you can share it with me, and we'll customize it together to suit your needs perfectly. Your input throughout the process is crucial to ensure we create a website that reflects your unique vision and goals. Let's create something amazing together!

I already have a Showit website or template from another shop. Would you still work on it?

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The business you've put so much effort into deserves an attractively designed website with a strategic approach to support your goals.

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Brand Photoghraphy by Art inspiration fotografie

Stock Photos by Pexels - Unsplash - Kaboompics - Elévae- Haute Stock Photography - Editorial Stock Images(ESI) 

As part of launching Atelier Jouan I am offering all my website services with a 50% discount! This is a once in a lifetime offer, and as soon as all the spots are booked on the Beta Offer I will raise my prices to normal. 

The Launch Beta Offer

Lets celebrate friend!

For a short time I am offering a 50% discount on all my website services!

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